The Tech Innovation Contest

Show us your problem solving skills !


Get excited cause we are here with a new contest! Show us your real life problem solving skills and win a scholarship at the Tech Lab or get a chance to join as an apprentice. We will also make videos on the winning ideas on our YouTube channel!

The Tech Innovation Contest is an online contest where we want to see the brilliant minds in our country showing their latent problem solving skills to try and solve problems in the society. The topic of this contest is “Complexity in Learning”. Participants will be finding problems on this topic and coming up with ideas to solve the problem. No actual project submission is required. We just wanna hear your ideas! 😉

We as humans have made a lot of improvements in every field of our life. But our education system is still lacking compared to many other aspects of life. This is especially true for developing countries like ours. One reason behind this is that our learning process is rather complex. Sometimes we have to memorise things without learning the way it works. And sometimes we have to learn without knowing the purpose. So, do you think that there can be a gadget, a software/app to solve this problem or to lessen the complexity of the learning process? If you think so, now we’re looking for you!

The participants will join as a team of 2-4 members. We are providing a project submission form where the participants will have to submit the problem they want to solve and provide an idea. We will select the ideas that we find practical and those teams will be selected for the final round. The solution does not have to be an actual prototype or a working device, instead the participants will be providing an outline of their solution. The champion team will get a 1 month free scholarship at The Tech Lab with a digital certificate. The runners up teams will also receive digital certificates. 


You will have to join as a team of 2-4 members with a team leader who will be filling up the forms and keeping in touch with us on behalf of the team. There will be 2 rounds, the selection round and the main round. Your team leader will have to submit the team members’ information and provide a rough idea on solving a problem related to the topic – “Complexity in Learning”, in the form of a concept paper. The format of concept paper can be found below, along with an example concept paper.

While it does not have to be much detailed, we would like to see original and new ideas. We would like to know what the main idea is, why you think it is unique, how it would solve the problem etc. The teams qualified in the selection round will all have to get started with the main round where you will be providing us with a complete project outline showing your research sources and practical solutions. There will be proper forms with all the fields required to make your research easy and help you provide a complete project outline. You will also find a filled-up example project submission form to really help you describe your imagination to the fullest.

Format of Idea Submission Paper and example Idea Submission Paper can be found in registration form. Link is given below.

Once the judging round is over, the winner and runners up will be announced on our  social pages. Everyone qualified in the first round will get a participation certificate. The winning projects will also be featured on our website with your name on it!


  1. Your idea doesn’t need to be strictly unique, but plagiarism isn’t allowed. Means your idea should have individuality.
  2. If we find any directly copied idea, we will immediately disqualify the team.
  3. Any writing containing inappropriate contents will be immediately disqualified
  4. We don’t expect any ideas which are inappropriate/impractical in the context of Bangladesh.
  5. Any idea containing foul language or hate speech (for example, including but not limited to racial, ethnic or gender bashing language) will be disqualified.
  6. The Tech Lab reserves the right to publish your idea with your name and credit on our website and social media.

Event Schedule:

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