The Tech Innovation Contest Idea Submission

General Idea Submission Rules

The Idea Submission Paper can be written in both English and Bangla. The paper should consist of the following points:

  1. Abstract: What’s your idea?
  2. Why do you think it is unique?
  3. Method: How your project is going to solve the problem?

Team leader should fill up the form on behalf of the team. For “Project Idea” Field, please follow the following instructions:

  • Upload a PDF version of your Idea Submission Paper on Google Drive.
  • Turn on link sharing. Set the link sharing option to “Anyone with the link”
  • Copy and paste the link in the “Project Idea” field.

Additional information and resources

  1. The template for Idea Submission Paper, which has to be submitted in qualifying round, can be found here: Bangla version, English version
  2. You may check the example Idea Submission Paper to get an idea about how to write yours. Link – Bangla version, English version.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an app or have to solve the same problem as shown in the example Idea Submission Paper. Get creative and play with your imagination to come up with any solution you like for the problem that you found!

Last date for registration for qualifying round is 28th July, 2020.

Registration form

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