Research & Development

The Tech Lab kids & their Projects 

Our students have shown tremendous progress in knowledge gain, skill development, and constant curiosity to know more about programming, engineering & robotics.

The Tech Lab children have worked on various projects mentioned below. Each of these projects have a lot of potential in the real-world and will soon move into the Department of Research & Development(R&D) to be developed further. 

Durbar 2.0 

Durbar, a smart humanoid robot was the brainchild of our children, wanting to create a mascot for The Tech Lab. The robot has been incorporated with many functions of which, it can move autonomously and identify objects. The children have also created a mobile app with which they can control Durbar and another feature to be able to control with one’s voice. 

The Smart Power Outlet 

An invention by one of our many children, he proposed to make a smart power outlet that during a short-circuit situation, the outlet could detect a fire and alert the owner either through sounds or by sending a text message. 

The Batman’s Gadget 

The idea for The Batman’s Gadget came from a 9- year child. He wanted to help blind and visual- impaired people to make it easier for them to move about. He proposed to use the same method bats use to move about, using ultra sonic sound. This project is being worked on further by adding more features so the gadget could actually recognize what is in front of the person using image processing. 

IoT based Home Automation

The IoT based Home Automation system lets someone control his/her home appliances from anywhere in the world as long as the internet is available.

Prima, The Instrumentalist Robot

Do you think robots will ever be able to replace human instrumentalists?? Proudly presenting to you from The Tech Lab R&D, Prima, the instrumentalist robot! The idea was conceived and brought to the reality by one of our prodigious roboticists. He doesn’t think it will be a good idea for robots to take over human instrumentalists for sake of music. However, he has the vision to help musicians around the world have a perfect jamming buddy. And, Prima is a leap to that!

The Smart Home Solution 

The Smart Home project is about automating electrical appliances and security systems, making it easier for the regular home owner. This project also has huge applications for those who are disabled as well, making their lives easy as well. 

Interactive Computer Games and Gadgets 

Some of the children have come up with interactive computer games and gadgets that can used in schools as learning aids and also can be use as mental stimulant to people with both mental or physical disorder. 

Axon, The Biped Robot

Meet Axon, a biped robot created by one of the children at The Tech Lab.