Pong Maniac

Howdy! This is a pong game, “Pong Maniac”. Developed as the final assignment of Level 2 by Tiham Khan, who’s currently enrolled under the “Engineering For Children” Programme.

You may also use it in full screen here.

The programme, “Engineering For Children” consists of three levels, with each level increasing the intensity of knowledge students learn. Each level has been designed to develop their ability to understand more complex topics, improve their critical and analytical thinking abilities and to improve their skills at communication and teamwork. As these are some of the most demanding real-life skills required by the present world and for children to learn this at this age, they will hopefully be way ahead of most of the people when they grow up to face the real world.  The programme is just not a regular after school programme or an extracurricular activity, rather, we believe that this is about grooming children into becoming the next tech innovators from Bangladesh so that they can make tangible impacts on people’s lives and change the world for the better. You may check the page for more information.