About the #HandWashTimerChallenge

Coronavirus is a global pandemic now. Countries all over the world are having a hard time fighting with it. Interestingly, software/hardware tinkers and makers are also contributing by developing useful devices to help people stop spreading Coronavirus with off the shelves components. Many have a misconception that development boards like Arduino can only be used to make less useful, eye catching projects like obstacle avoiding and line following robots. But these tinkerers and makers are proving them wrong by solving very important problems with DIY devices.

We, The Tech Lab, also wanted to do something like this. So, we came up with this campaign , #HandWashTimerChallenge. Here we made a device which will will make sure that we are washing our hands properly. And we will be making a tutorial about it and open source all the files needed to build this device. Now the challenge is to build these device. This simple device doesn’t take more than one hour to make but can help you and your family to stay safe from Coronavirus.

How to participate?

To complete this challenge, build this device and fill up the form below using the following information –

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Your Hand Wash Timer’s photo
  4. How it’s helping you
Last date for submission is April 9th.
  • Maximum 200 words