Author: Mir Sameen Hasnat


Scribble Pad: The idea that was born while disrupting…

Sameen demonstrating and talking about his software.

Hello there reader! My name is Sameen, the developer of Scribble Pad. I’m currently enrolled under Education Programme. I have created this software with the help of my teacher, Noor. It might not be in the best shape just yet, but soon you can hope for it! Now, as I had promised, let’s talk about the software and some background info.

Background story

At our institution, we were given a task of making a game, or a software, as the final assignment of Level 2. From a young age, I have always been fond of games. So I didn’t think twice before choosing to make a game. The tough part was deciding which kind of game I would make. It took me about a day to come up with the idea to make a game similar to “Crossy Road” (this is before Scribble Pad and the COVID-19 outbreak). I started very quickly, and my progress was fast. The basic outline of the game I finished in about 3 weeks. Few other members were also making games in our class (basically a competition on who could make the best app).

COVID-19 Pandemic.

But as the virus spread out in Bangladesh, I was left in dismay. This was mainly because I forgot to copy my game onto a Pen Drive and it was left in the campus which had got closed due to the outbreak. I also didn’t start over with making the game because I felt lazy and unmotivated to rewrite 400 lines of code! As a result, I felt like I needed a substitution!

The Rise

Online class going on.

Around this time, our teacher had also changed and this time, it was Noor. I was thoroughly depressed because my game was lost and my hard work had gone to waste. But he gave me hope. So our classes were taken on the Zoom App, and honestly, I loved drawing on the screen in the app and disturbing my teacher! As he was giving us a lecture and, I was obviously scribbling on the board, I came up with an idea. Why not make an app to draw?! This wasn’t only it (by the way, I was not paying attention to his lecture, I was in my own world!) I thought that in Zoom teachers mainly used virtual boards to teach, so why not make an app to help these teachers?! As many people were deprived from learning from boards in this coronavirus period, my software would come to the perfect aid. And that’s where all this started and Scribble Pad rose

The Start and End

As I got started with this software, I realized it was going to be hard to build this software. I was a newcomer to the Processing software , so even making this simple software was quite hard. Nevertheless, my teacher was always there to help me. As a result the game was successful. There were some hard times with the code but I was able to overcome this. A very interesting thing was, I got stuck in my code quite a few times, and I was pretty sure I had written the code correctly, but to my surprise, the function was not being carried out properly. But as I was about to show him these problems, the code somehow started working perfectly fine.

A screenshot of the software.

This led me to the conclusion that even the codes respected Noor! Sometimes my brother Shabab, who’s also a student at The Tech Lab, helped me too. When the submission date was given it was nothing special to me since the usual me would always finish the project the night before submission and this time it was nothing different! But anyway, I was able to finish my game with success and that was the biggest relief and excitement for me, as I knew my work had not gone to waste!

Yes, the color of pencil and background can be changed too!

You may have used my software, it may seem a bit buggy at times, but we, at The Tech Lab, have put a lot of effort into making this software. So, like all other app builders have, our only request is, ENJOY!

You may try Scribble Pad here.

Credits section.

P.S. You can find more details about the Scribble Pad in the software “Credits” section!