The core objective of the apprenticeship programme is to provide the undergraduate students in the country with a platform where they can see and learn how technologies in real-life work. The programme is designed to build their skills in the area they are passionate at, give them the right learning tools, mentorship, access to some of the learning resources and facilities at The Tech Lab and more importantly, an environment to find or/and follow their passion. Also, it aims to find and create future core team members of The Tech Lab throughout the process. 

It is an unpaid apprenticeship.

Duration: 6 months.

Working hour: Tentative 6 – 8 hours a week or depending on the nature of work.

Eligible candidates: School/college/university students with a passion/ interest for at least any of the following subjects, 

  • Kids – Teaching kids about Programming, Electronics and Robotics
  • Engineering education
  • Leadership 
  • Arts and Designing
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Research and Development
  • Writing (English and/or Bangla)
  • Conceiving creative and meaningful ideas
  • Enterprise development and management
  • Marketing

Additional perks for those who succeed in joining the program

  • Recognition in the The Tech Lab channels with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and work. 
  • Being able to actively participate in The Tech Lab events, workshops and campaigns. 
  • Meeting and connecting to the industry experts and leaders. 
  • Possible coverage of their work in media. 

Those who successfully complete the program receive

  • Recognitions and certificates from The Tech Lab.
  • Job opportunity at The Tech Lab. 

Procedures to join 

Please fill up the registration form.